Finger on the dial

First up we ask and hope to interrogate this question to death; does South African radio kick ass? Can any South African radio station claim to have found the perfect mix? Do radio stations – including community stations – even know the definition of attention span? More than just poor content, it appears that SA DJs suck! There is no radio DJ-cum-presenter who is the complete package with all the right attributes. Presentation, voice articulation, sense of humour, a moderate understanding of world events, are some of the attributes conspicuously absent.

Yet, why do listeners subject themselves to this masochistic drivel? I’ll hazard a guess and say that neither they, nor management in media institutions know any better. DJ’s do not factor professionalism into their structure which is possibly why we have sub-standard radio presentation.

I would love to hear how and what should be introduced to make radio a better companion in SA. As it is, radio is losing a bitter war against the web, by dint of poor knowledge. Or is it just anathema for South Africans to aspire to success?

Randall Radio

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One Comment on “Finger on the dial”

  1. AM Says:

    Poor presentation? Weak voice articulation? Exactly right. I think you have just pressed the right button. Excuse the pun.

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